Sign over doors of Paris Criminal court


Translation of All Legal and Commercial French Documents by  Sue Leschen –  UK qualified lawyer – linguist


  • Birth, Marriage & Death
  • Academic:  Degrees; Diplomas, CPD certificates
  • Insurance:  Vehicle, Health, Property

Documents for the purchase and sale of property in France

  • Compromis de vente (Sales contracts)
  • Correspondence to and from the Notaire (lawyer) and the Agent Immobilier (Estate Agent) etc
  •  Hypothèques (Mortgage) documents
  • Surveyors’ and Specialists’ Reports as to damp, asbestos etc
  • Documents relating to applications for planning permission
  • Inventories of  house contents

Documents relating to death and property inheritance/ wealth management of property in the UK and also in France

  • Wills
  • Codicils
  • Inter vivos gifts
  • Inventories of assets
  • Death Certificates
  • Autopsy Reports
  • Grant of Probate
  • Powers of Attorney:  Limited Powers of Attorney re finances and health

Statements required for legal and commercial purposes

  • For Court
  • For the Home Office (immigration)
  • For the Police
  • For employment purposes such as criminal records and other background checks

Proof Reading

Proof reading of all legal and commercial documents in English or in French

Tape Transcription

Experienced in transcribing police interview tapes, market research and medico -legal tapes.

Transcription of all video and audio tapes where the tape is required for legal and/ or commercial reasons and where the language spoken is either French or English or both.

Rates for tape transcription:

Free estimates provided on request based on;

  • Deadline
  • Time taken to transcribe the work
  • Complexity and technicality of job
  • Translation of work transcribed if requested

Voice – overs

In English or in French