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One to one mentoring or group workshops – let’s set up your freelance business



Aimed at:

  • New starters setting up a freelance business
  •  Practising language professionals looking to revamp an existing business in today’s very challenging and competitive climate.

Business support and mentoring sessions are individually tailored to your specific needs

Sessions can be:

  • Face to face
  • Telephone
  • Skype

Mentoring session fees:

£30.00 per hour/ £15.00 per half hour

30 euros per hour/ 15 euros  per half hour

* No cancellation fee for hourly sessions if either I or you have to cancel

Fees for groups if I come to you:

£150.00 per half day or £300.00 per full day


What we can discuss with you and help you with:

Your CV and CPD Record

  • How to present them to  your best advantage

Your terms and conditions

  • How to draft a set for use over and over again
  • How to adapt an existing set such as those of ITI and CIOL
  • Now to negotiate to your advantage with  client

Your website and social media profile content

  • How to ensure that it is honest, not misleading, professional and legal!


Legal Terminology Workshops

All workshops are based on the Law appertaining to England and Wales.

Introduction to Death, Wills and Inheritance – legal terminology

In this workshop we  have a go at drafting a Will to get to grips with the standard legal terminology in most wills and codicils.  This is so that we can fully understand the need for certainty and precision – the two most important tools of the lawyer charged with drafing testamentary dispositions which accurately reflect the Testator’s final wishes. We also cover Powers of Attorney and attempt to fill in relevant forms.

Introduction to Employment Law (including Health and Safety) – legal terminology

Discrimination due to race, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability

Introduction to Family breakdown – legal terminology

Marriage; divorce; civil partnerships; arrangements as to property and children.

Introduction to Insurance Law and Contracts– legal terminology

This workshop considers the standard terminology to be found in most insurance contracts such as insured; excess; premium; liability and so on

Introduction to Landlord and Tenant (Residential) Law – legal terminology

This workshop covers the standard terminology to be found in most Tenancy Agreements; deposit; landlord; tenant; eviction; licence to occupy and so on

Introduction to Contract Law – legal terminology

  • Definition of a contract
  • Terminology used in standard contracts; consideration; executed; third party; frustration; revocation

Compromis de Vente – terminology in residential French property contracts

Specifically for French Translators and Interpreters who work in this area. In this workshop we examine an actual Compromis de Vente together and explore the legal terminology referred to and at the same time we attempt to ascertain if there are equivalents in English law. By the end of the workshop we aim to have put together a comprehensive glossary for future use.

Legal Personnel and Legal Institutions in England and Wales

This workshop looks at the venues in the English and Welsh legal system that legal personnel work in such as; Courts: – Magistrates; Crown; Family, High Court; Coroner’s Court as well as the people who work in them such as Judges, Magistrates, Solicitors, Barristers . We also look at legal personnel and institutions in the attendees’ own countries by way of comparison – are there equivalents to be found or not?

General Interest Workshops

Professional Conduct and Ethics for Interpreters and Translators

A consideration of various professional scenarios and dilemmas. How do the Codes of Practice of ITI, CIol, APCI and other organisations representing interpreters and translators as well as those provided by various work providers assist us – do they cover all eventualities? If not, what should we do?

Confidentiality issues and problems for Interpreters and Translators

To whom is the duty of confidentiality owed and for how long?

Which type of communications does it cover?

Are there any exceptions?

What do our professional Codes of Practice say about it?

Riding the recession – How to!

Family-law---first-workshopHere we go again – triple dip recession on the way; when did your personal recession start; what effect has it had on your business; what are you doing or will you be doing to keep your business afloat; what are your strategies for survival – do you even have any? What about adding new qualifications/ skills, decreasing rates, increasing advertising, looking outside of the UK for work suppliers? Come and pool all information with your colleagues – together we can ride the recession and come out fighting!

Negotiating Terms and Conditions with work suppliers

How to draft a precedent set of T’s and C’s to keep to hand when negotiating with work suppliers so that you don’t get caught out when you have to think on your feet to nail down the job on offer; be professional have all of the T’s and C’s to hand that you want to include in the contract with the client whether the latter is a private individual or an Agency.

Drafting Invoices, Estimates and Quotes

Terms to insert in all of these documents so that you build up an impressive set of precedents that you can use over and over again; charging interest; late payers; debt collectors; credit reference agencies.


Talk: Interpreting for French speaking Asylum seekers and refugees – linguistic, cultural and political considerations

I presented this talk to the North West Society of Chartered Institute of Linguists in …I will be presenting it again at the invitation of Scottish CIoL at their AGM in Edinburgh in November 2013

Talk: A week in the life of a French Public Service Interpreter and translator (PSI)

I have presented this talk to language students at Salford ,  Leeds and Leicester  Universities on several occasions. After a blow by blow account of what a PSI does in a typical week (including mundane activities such as account keeping and food shopping at Tesco) a lively Q and A session ensues whereby students are let loose to explore issues they need more information about ie “Do you need a car to be a freelance PSI? or Can you be a successful freelancer if you have young children - is it better to be an interpreter or a translator? ”

Talk: Starting out as a freelance Interpreter and/or Translator – how to (and how not to!)

Talk details/description goes here…

Please note the following;

  • Face to face workshops are conducted in English and are relevant to all those working into and out of English – unless it is specified that they are language specific.
  • Workshops can be either on a half day or a full day basis.
  • Workshops can also be delivered by means of webinar if required but f to f is always best!
  • Maximum number of participants is 15.
  • Materials are supplied nearer the time of the workshop and participants are invited to bring their own relevant material to share with the group.
  • Workshops are generally a mix of experienced and less experienced colleagues – everybody gives and takes – none of us know everything!