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Buy resources and consultations

Sue Leschen, UK qualified lawyer-linguist

One hour consultation for your freelance business

An online or telephone mentoring session to assist you to either set up or enhance your freelance business materials, plans, policies, etc.

One hour consultation on your Terms and Conditions

An online or telephone mentoring session to discuss your T’s and C’s and to help you to adapt them to your specific business needs.

One hour consultation (DPSI Law and DPSI Local Government examinations)

Book one or several mentoring sessionsonline or on the telephone to help you prepare for the examination, including consideration of past papers and help with preparing glossaries. Book as many or as few as you need.

One hour consultation (legal and/or business English terminology)

An online or telephone session to help you improve your spoken and written English.

Glossaries and notes

Prices stated are for each glossary or set of notes. A reduction of 10% applies where more than one glossary or set of notes is purchased at the same time.

DPSI Law and DPSI Local Government exam legal terminology prep notes and glossaries

Notes available include:

• Assault offences
• Sexual offences
• Human Trafficking offences
• Modern Slavery offences
• Dishonesty offences
• Online offences
• Controlling and coercive behaviour
• Protests and freedom of expression
• Jabbing and spiking offences
• Legal documents

General legal terminology (England and Wales) notes and glossaries for interpreters and translators

Notes available include:

• Contract law
• Employment law
• Family law 
• Insurance law
• Landlord and Tenant law (residential property)
• Wills and Inheritance law

Legal systems operating in the UK (Notes)

Explanatory terminology Notes relating to the various civil and criminal legal systems currently operating in the UK.

Also information regarding alternative emerging parallel “legal systems” such as Ecclesiastical courts (Christian), Sharia Law, Jewish  law, military law, informal arbitration.

UK legal venues and the people in them

• Civil and criminal courts
• Tribunals
• Prisons
• Solicitors’ firms
• Barristers’ chambers
• Judges’ chambers
• Legal advice centres
• Online venues
• Mediation and arbitration services

French legal terminology Notes and Glossaries

• Buying and selling residential property in France
• Compromis de Vente (provisional residential sales contracts)
• Insurance: health, vehicle, employment

Templates for Terms and Conditions

Templates which you can adopt and/or adapt for your specific business and use over and over again.
• On site interpreting
• Remote interpreting
• Translation
• Proof reading